Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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When is the kindergarten closed?

In principle, we are open all year round for you and your child, but we are closed on all public holidays, 15 working days during the summer holidays (usually in July or August) and during the Christmas holidays. The closing days will of course be announced in good time on notice boards and at parents' evenings.

How much does the meals cost?

We place particular emphasis on a healthy and balanced diet. We cook fresh meals every day. Fresh fruit, water and unsweetened tea are accessible to the children at all times. We offer:

Fork Breakfast


Snack, snack and drinks

In the summer months of July/August and in the winter months of December/January, only half the meal fee is charged. (depending on the month in which the closing times predominantly fall).
What are the additional costs?

The following one-off costs still have to be included:

Registration fee

€ 100,00

The kindergarten place is reserved only after payment of this fee.


€ 100,00

At the end of the kindergarten period this amount will be refunded.

We ask for your understanding that the registration fees (registration fee + deposit) cannot be refunded in case of "non-arrival" of the kindergarten place.

What subsidies are available?
  • The meal contribution can be reimbursed by Magistrat 11 for parents with low incomes (family income up to max. € 1,100 net per month) for children with main residence in Vienna.
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  • Family bonus PLUS! The tax burden can be reduced directly, namely by up to € 1,500 per child and per year. You can claim the Family Bonus Plus either via payroll accounting through your employer or in your tax return/employee assessment.
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Do you want to register your child?

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